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Shri Krishna's companion Sudama, he is popular for his fellowship in the sacred texts. Be that as it may, there was a type of Sudama which constrained Lord Shiva to butcher him. Sudama and Viraja used to live in the exceptional piece of paradise (Goloka). Viraja adored Shri Krishna.

Ekalavya was the essential character of Mahabharata, whereby we as a whole are familiar. He was a youthful prince of Nishadha; Ekalavya was the child of Hiranyadhanus. Around then the energy of his kingdom was like the huge states like Magadha, Hastinapur, Mathura, and Chanderi.

Aditi: - Goddess of the sun and the light of heaven.
Ananta: - Indian Nag Rani
Banka-Mundi: - Goddess of hunting and fertility
Bordoisila: - Goddess of storm
Bantakumari: - Goddess of water
Bhasundar: - Goddess of prosperity

This romantic tale broke all limits of the general public. The affection for a ruler with a whore and after that wedding it was no standard issue. Bimbisara and Amrapali needed to confront resistance and disdain of the whole state. Once amid a war, Emperor Bimbisara was harmed.

As you know, the size of the Western Chart is round and the size of the Vedic Chart is square. Describing birth chart, information about different planetary changes is found in Vedic charts. Let's say that according to Western astrology, your sun sign is the sagittal amount.

"Mana" is the last town of India which is arranged just a short separation from Badrinath. Mana town is brimming with numerous fanciful and puzzling stories. There are numerous such old and puzzling spots here, which is past science considering. To achieve Mana town you need to cross a major shake connect.

It won't be right to state, Vinayak Damodar Savarkar gave another course to the Indian freedom development. His valor, forfeit, and battle for the opportunity of the country makes him unique in relation to others. Being related to the autonomy development just, the Britishers had condemned him "twofold detainment" and he was kept in the Andaman Nicobar Jail.

Ajanta caves were built around India in the 2nd century BC. The caves contain pictures and statues related to Buddhist religious art depicting the Jataka tales. That reminds Sri Lanka of the wonderful Cigaria paintings.

Everybody realizes that Alexander was an extraordinary king. Alexander was born in July 356 BC. At whatever point history alludes to incredible warriors, Alexander comes at the best. Since Alexander needed to build up his realm over the entire world. To satisfy his fantasy, he battled his first war in 334 BC.

In Hinduism, his religion is considered to be his biggest goal in human life. Every person born on this earth has to do some such work. For which he was born. The soul places itself in the physical body.

On 19th August 1757, the British East India Company made the very first coin of 1 Rupees in Kolkata. The primary coin produced by the East India Company was utilized as a part of the Bengal region of Mughal. The East India Company's realm was built up in India after the Battle of Plassey in 1757.

Qutub Minar is an unbeatable example of development productivity. Qutab-ud-din Aibak built it in 1192. This building was about pulverized because of a seismic in 1505. Afterward, Sikander Lodi had repaired it. Another seismic in 1803 made harm the building.

Today this topic is dedicated to all Indians. As you all know that India is an emerging country. People from all over the world now see us with respect. Even bigger foreign companies want to invest in India today.

If you have information about Indian history, you will definitely be aware of the strength of Indian ancient civilization, science, and economy. Tamil, which is considered the oldest language in the world, was born in India only. Even Sanskrit has been given the status of mother of Hindi and all European languages.

Truth Of 572 Small Islands Of Andaman And Nicobar| अण्डमान और निकोबार के 572 छोटे द्वीपों का सत्यAndaman and Nicobar is composed of 572 small islands. All these islands are known throughout the world for their beauty. The natural beauty of this place attracts people to themselves. But an unknown history on this beautiful and small island is also buried.

Indian Army directed five atomic tests on May 2, 1998, in the Pokhran test go. Which is known as Pokhran-2 The Indian Army directed the primary atomic test in May 1974. Furthermore, it was named Smiling Buddha.

As we probably are aware, Kanyakumari is checked in the most wonderful urban areas of India. Be that as it may, not very many individuals know how it was named Kanyakumari. Asura (villain) Banasura has been said in folklore. He had threatened the paradise and the earth.

Buddhism was established by Gautama Buddha. Buddha's dad's name was Suddhodana, who was the ruler of the Shakya group. In youth, he was known as Siddhartha. Buddha is otherwise called Shakyamuni.

It is we realize that India is renowned for its pilgrimage sites around the world. Despite the fact that there is a lot of pilgrimage sites in India, however, there is a few pilgrimage site that is very prevalent.

Srinivasa Ramanujan was such a capable individual who shocked the entire world with his ability. At 32 years old, Srinivasa Ramanujan accomplished something exceptional in the field of arithmetic,